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"Seek First The Kingdom Of God & all these things shall be added unto you"









About Marketing Business 

Any business require people with sharp minds, visionaries, strategists, and also require those who can use limited resources effectively and efficiently. Our aim is to assist to ensure that your business is successful and that there are returns on investments (ROI).

Encouraging entrepreneurship, we identify fresh talent of writers and authors anywhere in the world and introduce them to the world of writers without difficulties; and all these of course as gift of lending a hand to those in need of breakthrough in their lives but do not have resources, equipment and facilities to showcase their writing talents and skills. So, if you are  a WRITER or an AUTHOR and you do not have any other plan or knowledge of how to start or where to begin with your talent please feel free to contact us. So please drop us an email at with just an introduction of your proposal of how we can assist you to publish your story. 

Description of Marketing Business
We offer exceptional services to help and boost your business with relevant planning, whether newly formed or well established, we will find a way to make an impact in your current clients and prospects. When it comes to new business, we will formulate strategies to start from the bottom to the top of your business plan and ensure that all your investments are supported by powerful business planning and strong strategical force.

Areas of Expertise of our People

Services Marketing, Marketing Planning, Public Relation Planning, Events Planning, Promotional Planning, Strategical Planning, Brand Awareness Planning, Advertising Strategical Planning, Business Planning, Mobile-Commerce and E-Commerce facilities Planning, Social Media, Publishing and Digital Marketing Planning




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Seek First the Kingdom of God

simply means giving all you have to God, and allowing Him to sort out your issues in His own way of doing things. All you need to do is to invite Him in your adversaries and allow Him to finish the business. Let Him carry all your burdens and troubles, and you will begin to see the results of being an obedient servant of God. We need to be closer to God in daily basis. The word of God is like applying a lotion on your body, you can only realise that you didn’t apply enough of your favourite lotion by seeing unusual side effects such as rash, allergy reactions, and so forth; same applies to the word of God, you can only realise that you kept too much distance away from God by experiencing issues such loneliness, self-resentment, tiredness, low self-esteem, and so forth. If you read the word on daily basis, your brain will be fed with positivity and rewarding outcomes. Be blessed and you are blessed to be a blessing.

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